• Powerful choreography software
  • Programmed by our in-house developers
  • Comprehensive effect database with warehouse management
  • Compatible with other design and visualization programs
  • Remote programming and remote data requests of all important parameters of all devices with bi-directional communication via the USB Radio Modem PFM Advanced
  • Free Updates

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Additional Information

The Galaxis Composer software is a powerful design suite for all Galaxis users for scripting of music-synchronized shows. Of course, projects without music synchronization can also be realized with it.

This software offers a highly efficient effect database, which includes all relevant parameters, and it is an inventory management system as well.

The design of flame shows with the G-Flames and L-Flames has been implemented and here a visual simulation of the shows is at your disposal.

After you are finished with the design, in part or as a whole, you can easily export the data in order to create a simulation of the show with one of the professional solutions like ShowSim, Finale 3D or others.

In conjunction with the Galaxis wireless USB modem PFM Advanced the computer is transformed into a convenient remote programming and test tool for bi-directional devices like Advanced receivers and G/L-Flames. Due to the quick programming function, these devices can be programmed very efficiently. Furthermore, the Composer can scan all available radio channels and informs you which channels are occupied by other applications.

The firing script is being downloaded to the Controller PFC Advanced via USB before the show. The display is always being fired from the controller and never from the PC to avoid that blue screens or ‘fatal exception errors at address XY’ can spoil whole shows.

Comprehensive import and export functions are available. Due to the compatibility with the most professional visualization and scripting software, the Composer offers ultimate freedom to the designer.

Another useful function of the Composer is the generation of SMPTE Timecode wave files. These can be e.g. played back by the PFE Profi Audio in order to synchronize lights, laser and water shows or to integrate other firing systems in a fireworks display. This timecode is sinusoidal and SMPTE compliant and because of this severe problems resulting from bad or noncompliant Timecode are prevented.

The used material can be easily deducted from the inventory list after the project so that all quantities in all storage locations are up to date.

Specifications & Details

Graphical display of audio informationYes
Effect database management included, 
fully editable
Stock management integratedYes
Consideration of lift time or delay timeYes
Consideration of effect durationYes
Download to PFC Advanced or PFS ProfiYes
Download via RS232Yes
Download via USBYes
Management of effect data (information text)
for PFC Advanced
Function: Time rulerYes
Normal Mode
(Insert effect from database)
Replace effect
(replaces an effect in the script)
Music Scan (Insertion of accurate placeholders on the timeline)Yes
Effect insertion with matching endYes
Function: Duplicate EffectYes
Selectable burst soundYes
Comprehensive database searchYes
Zoom-In and Zoom-Out on the timelineYes
Selectable gain on the audio information displayYes
Import from Excel®Yes
Export to Excel®Yes
Management of effect set-up positionsYes
Volume control for audio playbackYes
Play, Pause and Stop of audio trackYes
Graphical display of firing cueYes
Graphical display of effect durationYes
Graphical display of effect delay (lift time)Yes
Graphical display of G-FlamesYes
Stock listYes
Price calculationYes
Real-time visualisationYes
Timecode generationYes
Multilingual menuYes, German and English
Part listYes
Operating systemsWin 2000, ME, XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11