Fast – cost effective – very easy

Due to the fact that ordering devices from our rental pool is very easy, cost-effective and fast the planning and set-up of your projects becomes extremely flexible.

No matter what applies to you – you are absolutely right here!

We power up your creativity!

You will always receive exactly the devices you need, provided that they are available. All our rental devices are perfectly maintained, fully equipped with all available extensions and with most current firmware.

We deliver directly to your door exactly at the day you specified. Here a decisive and competitive advantage becomes apparent and the enormous flexibility and infinite expandability of our firing systems prove its worth.

General notes and terms for rental orders

1. General

Our rental devices have generally the newest software version installed and come with all optional functions / extensions.

If you are already owner of a Galaxis Firing System and you order a rental device, you do not have to worry about any configuration. The rental device will be automatically configured to match your existing system. If you would like to have a different configuration for your devices, just leave an annotation on your order.

2. Rental charges

All prices are calculated for seven rental days including transportation days plus VAT., freight, packaging and transportation insurance.

Longer rental times are possible, just send us an E-Mail at and we are pleased to prepare an offer for you.

PFC Advanced€ 66.00
PFC Advanced - Black Edition€ 88.00
PFE Advanced 10 Outputs€ 72.00
Matrix-Module 50 Outputs for PFE Advanced€ 44.00
Matrix-Module 100 Outputs for PFE Advanced€ 55.00
G-Flame€ 158.00
PFE Profi Audio€ 45.00
PFE Profi Midi 1 Output
(without batteries (2 x AA))
1 pc.€ 27.50
10 pc.€ 22.00
25 pc.€ 17.00
PFM Advanced1 pc.€ 44.00
Superscan-71 High Gain Antenna€ 5.50

Every device is shipped with the accessories in accordance with the scope of delivery. Due to the weight, charging devices are not included.

Supplementary to the PFE Profi Audio you receive a CompactFlash Card (CF-Card), usually with 1 GB. On request we can provide a CompactFlash card reader and the software “PYROTEC Project Maker”.

If you need any other accessories, just leave an annotation on your order.
Standard accessories are always free of charge.

We only accept payment in advance.

3. Shipping

Rental devices will be delivered with the forwarders DHL, TNT Express or FedEx. If you need a special delivery or another delivery time, just leave an annotation on your order. We also deliver to foreign countries. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

The collection of the devices is carried out by the forwarder TNT and has to be commissioned by us, Galaxis Showtechnik. The standard collection time is from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm. If you prefer any other collection time, please inform us in advance.

When returning goods, please reuse the cardboard boxes in which the devices were delivered. It is important that there are no deviations in the measurements, weight and quantity of the parcels. The values of the collection order have to correspond to the values of the original delivery.

If you want to send additional devices e.g. for repairs, please contact us in advance. Please do not add any goods to the shipment without our knowledge. Costs through changes in the measurements, weight or quantity of the parcels will be charged subsequently.

If you return rental devices in a ZARGES aluminum case, please pack it in a fitting cardboard box or wrap it in winding film. This makes it easier for us to remove labels from the forwarder so they do not get attached to the case permanently.

The devices will be shipped to the address provided by you. When returning goods, the collection takes place at the same location on a previously agreed date.

If there are any circumstances caused by you that prevent the collection of the goods at the agreed date and time, we reserve the right to charge the additional expenses. The minimum amount of charged expenses is one rental fee per device.

Every device is insured against transportation damage and loss, these costs will be charged. Transportation damage can only be compensated if the goods are packed correctly. Please make sure that the goods are packed in the same way as you have received them. Please use all inner and outer packaging and padding material that was included in the original shipment.

Please leave accessories like keys, antennas etc. not on or in the devices.

The output terminals have to be closed and the inner packaging has to be sealed with duct tape.

If you have any other requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us an E-Mail to

4. Damages, liability

Damages in transit have to be reported to us immediately after receiving the shipment. Out of our business hours you can do so via E-Mail ( or Fax (+49 / 86 71 / 7 35 13).

Please be aware that we are unable to acknowledge damages and malfunctions that are reported to us after the devices are used in any way.

Apparent damages of the packaging have to be reported immediately to the deliverer. Legal reasons make it impossible to report damages in retrospect to the forwarder. The liability for damaged devices, including the accumulators, which occur through improper treatment or deficient packaging, is held by you.

Pollution on the devices like fire residues, duct tape, sand, dirt or similar, as well as case damaging like dents will be removed respectively repaired.

Missing or damaged accessories will be charged without any further notification.

5. Commissioning

For renting our devices please contact us via . Your incoming written order is mandatory, cancellations are only accepted in exceptional cases. From us signed and returned orders apply as accepted and approved.

Orders in written form are a necessity to prevent misunderstandings and errors. All orders are binding, if there is a written confirmation of the rental contract. Binding reservations are not possible.

With the release of this document, all previously released information and prices lose their validity. Furthermore our General Terms and Conditions apply.