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Setting the Standard for Wireless Firing Solutions since 1992

Since 1992 we have been developing and manufacturing radio-operated firing systems and so we can offer you unlimited possibilities combined with the saving of material and working hours.

Our goal was the synthesis of advantageous wirless firing with reliability and safety.

A great number of systems, which operate absolutely reliable, prove that this goal has been achieved.

For many pyrotechnicians from different application areas this system has become their most important tool for their daily jobs.

The application fields are firework displays, stage pyrotechnis for shows of all kinds and theatre effects. Since we developed two miniature receivers we were also able to fill users in the SFX area with enthusiasm, too.

Another focus of our product line is the development and manufacturing of flame effect devices.

For further and latest information we would like to welcome you to our homepage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Also ask for individual solutions for your special applications.

Professional Wireless Firing Systems & Flame Effect Devices


Firstly we would like to inform you about the general advantages of wireless firing systems and then explain the outstanding advantages of our products. There are many firing systems available.


Since 1992 we have been pioneering in the field of wireless firing techniques and are leaders in technology and innovation in this sector. Step by step, competitors have also introduced wireless firing systems. Therefore we would like to point out the most decisive differences in our products.


After reading the following sections, you will be convinced that our products offer plenty of additional advantages.