• Absolutely waterproof (Standard IP65, if breather is replaced with a sealed screw IP67)
  • Framed flat gaskets with large sealing surface
  • Extremely robust and thick-walled aluminium housing
  • All outputs can be programmed without any restrictions
  • Fully integrated wireless solution
  • Brilliant display with menu in plaintext
  • Bi-directional communication and programming
  • Measures and displays the precise resistance of all outputs
  • Maximum firing rate: up to 100 firings per second possible
  • Integrated, high-brightness firing LEDs on each output for fast testing
  • Optional Sleep Mode available with up to 6 weeks stand-by time
  • Direct control of magnetic valves (12V)
  • Programmable firing duration
  • Numerous special functions for applications in the SFX area



The most important differences to the PFE Advanced 10/100 Outputs


  • Smaller, the dimensions are: 230 x 101 x 68 mm without handle, length 257 mm with handle
  • Less weight: 2,300 g instead of 4,500 g
  • No Matrix Module available or respectively possible
  • 20 Outputs with 20 multicolor LEDs
  • Rechargeable battery: 1x12V 2,000 mAh SLA Pb instead of 2x12V 2,000 mA SLA Pb (24V)
  • Terminal function with 10 outputs, 12V instead of 24V
  • Fires 20 sensitve and 10 insensitive igniters in parallel (the same with PFE Adv. 10/100)
  • Fires 7 igniters in series (PFE Adv. 10/100: 14)
  • Stepping function: available optionally (exactly like 10/100 output device)
  • Keyboard firing available by default with no extra charge, 10 outputs only
  • Operation time: 40 h continuous receive (PFE Adv. 10/100: 60 h)
  • Sleep function: available optionally, after 45 days 50% of the energy in battery is left (PFE Adv. 10/100: 35 days)
  • No cable interface because our customers do not use this.


The PFE Advanced 20 Outputs can be remotely queried and programmed using PFC Advanced Standard and Black Edition as well as PFM Advanced and Composer. This has already been implemented in the respective software. However, you must update PFC Advanced and Composer to access the device (PFC V2.88 or later).

Additional Information

A new star is born.

The PFE Advanced 20 Outputs is a new receiver in the field of wireless firing technology and is a true all-rounder. The receiver is waterproof (at least IP65) and has an ultra-stable housing made of thick-walled, anodized aluminum. This allows the device to be used even in the most extreme outdoor applications. Due to its small dimensions, it is also ideal for indoor and SFX applications.

The device offers a fully integrated radio solution. No external radio modems are required. In addition, the function does not depend on any external data lines. This eliminates these frequent sources of error.

For operation, you can access the menu with the magnetic pen and check or program all values and settings on site. Even switching on and off is done with the magnetic pen. So there are no vulnerable buttons or switches. An optional code request after switching on prevents unauthorized use of the device. Also with this receiver all outputs are completely freely programmable.

The output sockets directly accept our quick-fastening clamps and enable extremely low contact resistance with permanent corrosion resistance.

The PFE Advanced 20 Outputs has a plain text display for menu navigation and for displaying all device data (battery values, remaining range, programming, etc.), as well as multicolor LEDs for displaying all relevant output states with different colors (continuity, programming, firing, etc.).

Based on the resistance values of the connected firing circuits and the set limit resistance, the device automatically determines whether firing is reliably possible and displays this to you.

12 Volt firing voltage enable the reliable firing of 7 ‘A’- or ‘U’-matches in series or 20 ‘A’- or 10 ‘U’-matches in parallel. Due to a special mixture of series and parallel connection it is even possible to fire up to 140 e-matches per output and at a specific time.

As the firing power is not buffered by a capacitor, this receiver is also ideal for controlling solenoid valves (12V) and effect devices. With the optional terminal function, 10 outputs can be triggered several times with all 999 channels and an adjustable firing duration of 0.1 to 25.0 seconds.

The high-performance rechargeable batteries deliver firing currents of up to 50 ampere. Intelligent charging electronics ensure that the batteries are always kept at 100% availability without overcharging.

In conjunction with the PFC Advanced or the PFM Advanced USB Radio Modem, bi-directional communication is possible. You can read all relevant receiver data from your controller or PC, e.g. remaining range, battery status, continuity test, etc. Even the programming of the outputs can be easily edited remotely. These remote accesses can be carried out with up to 999 devices. In addition, the device can be completely switched off by radio or put into a sleep mode and woken up again to increase the maximum operating time from 40 hours to up to 45 days.

A stepper extension is available as an option, giving you virtually unlimited possibilities. An individual delay time can be assigned to each output. This means that even many different step operations are possible in one device at the same time. The step operations can be assigned to any number of receivers. Dynamic speed changes can be easily realized. The firing delay can be set from only 0.01 up to 99.99 seconds. These delay values are digitally adjustable over the entire range in steps of 0.01 seconds.

If the battery voltage is too low, the unit can be switched off automatically to protect the batteries from deep discharge.

The devices of the ‘Advanced’ series are fully compatible with the devices of the ‘Profi’ series. The possibility of software updates allows you to keep your firing system constantly up to date. The PFE Advanced is a German high quality product. The used premium components guarantee highest reliability and a very long lifetime.

Two holes with threads are available for all kinds of mounting options. An eyelet for a safety cable eases use on stages.

Specifications & Details

Number of radio channels (Frequencies)70 (USA version: 360)
Assignment of firing cues without restrictionsYes, 1-999
Firing voltage12 V
Firing current50 A, 17 A continuous current
Firing LEDs for each outputYes
Source of firing energyrechargeable battery
e-matches in series connection / output7 A, 7 U
e-matches in parallel connection / output 20 A, 10 U
e-matches in special serial and parallel connection / output140 A, 70 U per output
Possibility to activate magnetic valves
(i.e. solenoids)
Yes, 12 V
Control methodsradio
Integrated stepping extensionYes, optional, 0.01 – 99
seconds, resolution 10 ms
(i.e. 0.01 s)
Simultaneous stepping sequences per device20
Maximum firing rateup to 100 firings / second
Firing duration0.1 s to 25 s, continuous
Short circuit protection of outputsYes
Outputs with intelligent
MOSFET transistors
OK test function
(continuity test of firing lines)
Yes, precise resistance metering, ranging from 0 to 99 Ohm, directly at the receiver or remotely by using the PFC Advanced or any PC with PFM Advanced and Composer software
Operation time40 h (with optional Sleep Mode up to 45 days)
Remote polling of the parameters of the deviceYes
Remote programming of the parameters of the deviceYes
Remote power-offYes
Acoustic signalsYes
All parameters are adjustable at the deviceYes
Beginners modeYes
Function: Reset to defaultsYes
Radio rangeup to 800 m / 2,000 m
Coverage area2,000,000 m² / 12,500,000 m²
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator test functionYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator monitoringYes
Accumulator typesealed lead acid battery 24 V, 2 Ah
Independent from mains supplyYes
Housingextremely robust aluminium housing, milled from a solid block of aluminum
Level of water ingress protectionwaterproof, IP65 / IP67
Breathing membraneYes
LCD display with LED backlightYes, 2 x 16 characters plaintext
Indicatorsdisplay and multicolor LEDs
Temperature monitoringYes
Humidity monitoringYes
Charging unit (included in delivery)Yes
Charging indicatorYes
Car charging adaptor with 12 VDCoptional equipment
Additional safety featurescode and magnetic pen
Eyelet for safety ropeYes
Threaded mounting holesYes, 2x M10
Dimensions257 x 101 x 68 mm
Net Weight2.300 g
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Multilingual menuYes: German / English
Radio modulesfully integrated
Communicationbi-directional, 999 devices

Product Views

Product Information

1 charging unit
1 standard antenna

Software- & Hardware Extensions
Stepping extension
Terminal extension
Sleep Mode

PFM Advanced – Wireless USB Modem
PYROTEC Composer – Choreography Software
Fireproof protection cover for PFE Advanced 20 Outputs
Quick-fastening clamp
Multi-charging unit (up to 10 dev.)
Antenna extension cable
DMX Interface (12V)

Transportation Boxes
ZARGES-Box Type 7

Compatible Devices