• Slim, high flames with low wind sensitivity and lowest possible fallout
  • Integrated pressure accumulater buffers pressure fluctuations
  • Operation with Isopar L, IPA or Ethanol
  • Three control options: wired DMX, wireless DMX and Galaxis Advanced Radio Module
  • For DMX (radio or cable) there is an input and output at the Pump Station with looping through of the signals to the Flame Heads
  • Fully autonomous operation when using the Advanced Radio Module or wireless DMX receivers
  • Bi-directional communication with the controller PFC Advanced and USB Radio Modem PFM Advanced for remote programming and remote data requests
  • Completely waterproof, extremely robust aluminum housing made of milled aluminum parts and extruded aluminum profiles
  • Suitable for hard touring and outdoor use, even in heavy rain
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Exchangeable desiccant in the device
  • T-slot grooves on four sides for mounting in all directions
  • Adapter plate available as accessory for mounting on truss elements
  • The Flame Head can be tilted in any direction (360°)
  • Three-axis tilt sensor for measuring and storing the alignment
  • Automatic safety shut-down in case of slight changes in the orientation of the head
  • Powerful dual electric arc ignition
  • Electronic monitoring of the two ignition sparks
  • Electronic flame monitoring with very short reaction time in case of failure
  • Integrated leakage detection for the fuel hose and for the components in the Flame Head up to the magnetic valves by means of pressure monitoring
  • Bi-directional data connection between Pump Station and Flame Head for system monitoring, data exchange and extremely fast reaction times when re-pumping
  • Equipped with a total of three magnetic valves connected in series for triple safety (two valves in the Flame Head, one supply valve per head in the Pump Station)
  • High-contrast, illuminated LC display with plain text and various status LEDs
  • Convenient menu navigation with operation via magnetic pen
  • Visual warning when armed

More detailed information can be found in the current product catalogue below.

Additional Information

The flames of the Galaxis L-Flame Flame Heads simply look spectacular and are the result of numerous, lengthy tests. A product has been created which takes all factors into account in the best possible way and always achieves the optimum of what is accomplishable. The operation with Isopar L additionally increases safety enormously.

Convenience and versatility are reflected in the control options, whether wired or wireless DMX or the Galaxis Advanced Radio Module.

DMX is always fed in at the Pump Station and routed to the connected heads and back again. The signal is then available again at an output for forwarding to various devices.

The Advanced Radio Module is located in the heads and offers similar, proven features to the G-Flame, making integration easy for Galaxis users.

The most important feature is probably the extremely robust and waterproof aluminum housing. No expense and effort has been spared for this and it is the guarantee for a long-lasting service-life in the rough everyday use on tour. Our proven concept of electronic humidity monitoring and desiccant in the device is also used here. In terms of installation, all possibilities are open thanks to the T-slot grooves on four sides and a mounting plate for truss elements available as an accessory.

The Flame Head can shoot in all directions and here a special innovation is used: Sensors in the Flame Head can precisely measure the orientation in all three
dimensions and the user can store it. As soon as this orientation changes slightly, the device can stop the flame and prevent further flame effects.

The powerful arc ignition system is built in double for best possible performance and both are electronically monitored for correct operation.

The electronic flame control detects non-ignition extremely fast and would close the magnetic valves in such a case.

The fuel hose and the fuel-carrying components in the Flame Head up to the magnetic valves are monitored for leakages. After the pressure has stabilized after putting the unit into operation, it is continuously measured and evaluated. If a pressure drop occurs without any flame being generated, this is interpreted as a leakage and a safe condition is established.

The Pump Station and the Flame Heads exchange data. The resulting advantages, such as comprehensive system monitoring and rapid re-pumping when fuel requests are received, have been extensively utilized.

There are two magnetic valves in series in each of the Flame Heads and an additional supply valve in the Pump Station before each head connector. The latter is only opened if there is a fuel request from the respective Flame Head.

Operation of the unit is very convenient thanks to the easily readable, illuminated LC display with plain text and the magnetic pen sensors. A menu guides the user through all settings. Various LEDs provide information about important operating states.

On one side of the housing, the device has a visual warning indicator in the form of an exclamation mark, which flashes red when flame effects are imminent.

A stable handle eases handling.

Specifications & Details

Application fieldsIndoor, Outdoor and SFX
Autarkic operationYes, with radio module or wireless DMX
Fuels- Isopar L
- IPA*
- Bio-Ethanol*, Ethanol*
Flame heightapprox. 5 to 15 m depending on nozzle and pressure
Adjustable flame heightYes, with nozzle size and pressure
Fuel consumptionNozzle with 1.3 mm and 10 bar and flame height 10 m: 70 ml / second and flame head,
Nozzle with 2.3 mm and 18 bar and flame height 15 m: 190 ml / second and flame head
IgnitionDual electrical high power arc
Two magnetic valves for double safetyYes, installed in series
Flame monitoringYes, electronical, user can disable this function
Quick couplersYes, Flat-Face
Monitoring of ignition sparksYes, electronical
Integrated pressure accumulatorYes
Temperatur monitoringYes
Humidity monitoringYes
T-slot groovesYes, on four sides
Tilt sensorYes, three-axis for measuring and storing the alignment
Tilt monitoringYes, automatical safety shut-down in case of slight changes in the orientation
Pressure monitoringYes, integrated leakage detection for the fuel hose and for the components in the Flame Head
Bi-directional data connectionYes, between Pump Station and Flame Head with extremely fast reaction times
Visual warning when armedYes
Bi-directional communicationYes, with the controller PFC Advanced and USB Radio Modem PFM Advanced for remote programming and data requests
Mounting possibility on truss elementsYes
Carrying handleYes
Control inputs- Wireless module together with PFC Advanced (Wireless and RS485)
- DMX512: Control and safety channel
Free assignment of DMX channelsYes, control and safety channel can be freely assigned
Integrated power supply for wireless DMX devicesYes, via Pump Station
DisplayLCD, 2 lines with 16 characters each
Display backlightYes
Menu navigation, languagesYes: German, English
Power supplyYes, via Pump Station
Available accessorieshoses and cables with 5/10/15/25 m
HousingExtremely robust aluminum housing made of milled aluminum parts and extruded aluminum profiles
Moisture protected electronic circuitsWaterproof, IP65 / IP67
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Dimensions235 x 263 x 405 mm
Net weight16.4 kg

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