Firstly we would like to inform you about the general advantages of wireless firing systems and then explain the outstanding advantages of our products. There are many firing systems available.


Since 1992 we have been pioneering in the field of wireless firing techniques and are leaders in technology and innovation in this sector. Step by step, competitors have also introduced wireless firing systems. Therefore we would like to point out the most decisive differences in our products.


After reading the following sections, you will be convinced that our products offer plenty of additional advantages.

General advantages of wireless firing systems:

  • No more messy or faulty cables
  • Enormous reduction in working hours
  • Various applications on vehicles, ships, pontoons, revolving stages, model airplanes etc. can be achieved
  • Receivers can be placed easily in the best position for the effects, no need for central wiring
  • Gain in safety due to increased distance between pyrotechnics and personnel

Advantages of Galaxis wireless firing systems, ‘Profi’ series:

Our systems are completely wireless (except for the e-matches). There is no need for external components, e.g. radio modems or other hardware with accident-sensitive data lines, at the firing site.

Our system is an entirely integrated wireless solution in one solid housing. External radio modems with data lines and connectors are not necessary. These vulnerable lines are one weak point of many average systems.

999 firing channels, the infinite number of simultaneous ignitions and up to 10 million independent ignitions, provided by the receiver’s step function, unleashes your creativity.

The firing delay of the system is extremely short, even in manual firing mode. Other systems have a delay of up to 300 ms (0.3 seconds).

The firing channel required can be assigned freely to each output.

We provide a great variety of receivers for all fields of applications within a clearly structured product range. Special functions are always integrated without additional equipment required.

We provide a universal system for indoor, outdoor and SFX.

Split second sequential ignitions are possible. Each output derives its ignition power either directly from the accumulator or from its individual capacitor.

The gold-plated terminals ensure permanent corrosion and strain resistance for connecting wires (also stranded), banana plugs and quick-fastening clamps. No unreliable plastic loudspeaker terminals are being used. No directly soldered clamps are being used which can be easily ripped out when force is applied resulting in permanent damage
of the circuit board.

Perfectly synchronized pyromusicals are achieved by using the PFE Profi Audio capable of playing in real CD quality. Several of these independent audio players can be easily installed to cope with challenging and cost intensive PA requirements.

No shock- or temperature-sensitive notebook, which is always likely to crash, is used for firing.

The system works completely independent. The PC is used for show choreography but is not responsible for firing.

The system offers several firing modes:

  • Manual firing
  • Automatic firing
  • Step sequences (i.e. semi-automatic firing)

The aluminium housing of the receiver is fireproof and extremely robust (no plastic housing in the application field of display fireworks, which could melt or even catch fire).

All parameters can be conveniently programmed at the devices in the field. No external equipment or even a PC is required.

Our receivers have no unreliable buttons or switches. A magnetic pen can easily adjust all settings.

Only clamps and connectors, which are highly appropriate for their special purpose, are being used in our receivers. No fragile Centronics, Sub-D or RJ45 connectors are being used, which are designed for domestic applications like computers, phones or office devices.

Electro-mechanical effects and magnetic valves (i.e. solenoids) can be directly controlled by the receivers with 3 or 10 outputs. Confetti shooters can be directly connected and triggered.

The receivers are monitoring the radio channel. Therefore you are highly aware of interferences.

Accidental misfires by parallel-operated radio systems are avoided by a unique system code.

Long range of up to 800 m or even 2,000 m by using antenna extension cables.

The receivers display qualitative range test results (0…99%). The information ‘it works’ is not helpful at all, if you are close to the range limit and the firing is not guaranteed.

High firing power per output: e.g. 7, 20 or up to 140 e-matches at each output of the PFE Profi 10 Outputs depending on the wiring. PFE Profi Power Receiver 1 Output: 200 e-matches.

All devices in the PYROTEC range are compatible.

The devices are absolutely professional, safe and reliable and provide a unique stable radio transmission.

The used frequency band is perfectly suited for this application. All other available frequency bands have great disadvantages:

  • 27 MHz: atmospheric interferences, citizen band, R/C models, bulky and long antennas required
  • 40 MHz: atmospheric interferences, R/C models, bulky and long antennas required
  • 868 MHz: only a few channels available, disadvantageously regulated by the government, problematic wave propagation (quasi-optical)
  • 2.4 GHz: various wideband W-LAN and audio/video broadcast systems are allocated here, severe problems due to the quasi-optical wave propagation: many signal extinctions because of reflections, you have completely different conditions every 15 cm, seemingly good connections are lost at slight changes
  • 5.0 GHz: High Speed W-LAN: see 2.4 GHz

The know-how, the development, the production and English speaking technical assistance is located in Germany.

Our rental service offers the whole product range. High quality and reliability is guaranteed.

The devices are approved in many countries and may be used without further registration or fees. Furthermore unlike systems from China and the USA they meet the VDE and CE requirements. Patents pending.

Additional advantages of the ‘Advanced’ series:

  • The new Advanced series is compatible to the Profi series.
  • The receiver has been especially designed for tough outdoor use in fireworks displays and SFX projects.
  • This receiver provides 100 outputs if the Matrix Module is applied. Both, the receiver and the Matrix Module, are completely waterproof.
  • The receiver and the Matrix Module can be protected. A fireproof cover protects the receiver and the Matrix Module against dirt, sparks and cinders.
  • Multicolor LEDs at the receiver are displaying important output parameters (results of continuity check, programming, etc.) clearly in different colors.
  • The ignition power has been increased (14, 20 or up to 280 e-matches, depending on the wiring).
  • By precisely measuring the firing line resistance (0…99 Ohms) the device automatically determines if the firing of a serial connection will happen according to the maximum resistance.
  • The optional fully integrated stepping extension with extremely wide range and high resolution allows even high complex and very dynamic step sequences with timings down to 1/100 s.
  • Step sequences may be extended over an unlimited number of devices. Additionally up to 100 step runs may be simultaneously active in one receiver (e.g. 100 different step runs with 100 devices with 100 outputs, which are spread over a large area).
  • Easy to use plain text displays at the receivers and a large touch-screen display with additional information for every firing channel at the controller.
  • The controller provides fast access for all firing channels (on-screen keypad in manual firing mode).
  • The bi-directional communication enables remote data requests and remote programming of all important parameters up to 999 devices. The PFC Advanced controller summarizes all relevant information on a single screen or in chart format including all details.
  • For all remote programmings, you will get confirmation that the data has been received from the firing module.
  • Programming of the receivers directly on the device in the menu or with the controller PFC Advanced or with the PC via the USB radio modem.
  • Direct control of flame projectors and solenoid valves without additional equipment. The control times can be programmed in the range of 0.1 to 25.0 seconds with a resolution of 1/10 second.
  • The receivers can be switched off by radio, e.g. if they cannot be uninstalled on the same day. You will receive a confirmation by radio that the device has received the command.
  • To protect the accumulators from deep discharge an auto power-off function may be activated.
  • All devices can be supplied with external power.
  • Interfering signals on the radio channel are being displayed by the controller graphically.
  • 70 radio frequencies are available and can be set by the user. If a channel is already in use, you can change to another frequency.
  • The optional wire-control by a serial RS485 interface is possible.
  • All menus are available in German and English language.
  • Intelligent additional functions such as ‘Sleep’ and ‘WakeUp’ in the PFE Advanced 10/100 Outputs increase the operating time up to 35 days.