• Versatile system for the following application areas: Indoor, outdoor displays and SFX
  • Fully integrated wireless solution
  • All outputs can be programmed with absolutely no restrictions
  • 999 Firing cues
  • An unlimited number of effects can be fired simultaneously
  • Up to 10 Million independent effects can be fired by the use of the receiver’s stepping extension
  • Very robust, safe and reliable
  • High-End output terminals
  • High firing power
  • Universal waterproof receiver with up to 100 outputs
  • Precise resistance metering of firing lines provides the reliable prediction if a serial connection of e-matches will fire properly
  • Easy to operate:
    Plaintext display in the receiver
    Multicolor indicators at the receiver are showing important information in various colors
    Controller with large touch-screen LCD
    Information text for every cue
  • Bi-directional communication is providing remote access to 999 devices to check and program all relevant parameters
  • Fully integrated stepping extension with wide range and high resolution
  • Integrated firing LED for each output