• Extemely fast, automated programming via PC
  • Remote data requests, remote switch-off, sleep and wake-up from PC possible
  • Full overview of all devices from the FOH
  • Fast changes of the programming possible at any time

More detailed information can be found in the current product catalogue below.

Additional Information

The PFM Advanced USB Radio Modem offers highest comfort when programming receivers of the Advanced series as well as the G-Flames and L-Flames. With the help of the Composer software, scripts can easily be wirelessly transmitted to all relevant devices. This prevents faulty programming.

Furthermore, all receivers can be switched off remotely, put into sleep mode and be woken up again. Of course, all relevant parameters such as range test results, battery status, resistance values, etc. can also be requested individually at any time.

Spontaneous changes to the programming can also be implemented extremely fast and flexibly.

Specifications & Details

Receiver and G/L-Flame remote programming (Advanced series):
Programming of firing cuesYes, manually and
Programming of step delaysYes, manually and
Receiver and G/L-Flame remote data requests (Advanced series):
General status informationYes
Information about the operation Mode10 Outputs or
100 Outputs with Matrix Module
Receiver typeYes
Ground modeYes, common or separate
Stepping functionYes
Accumulator CapacityYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator PowerYes, 0-99 %
Deeply dischargedYes
Humidity in the deviceYes
Temperature fusesYes
Range test resultYes, 0-99 %
Interfering signalYes, 0-99 %
Radio interferenceYes
Programmed outputsYes
Programmed maximum
Yes, 5-50 Ohms
Resistance of the firing linesYes, 0-99 Ohms
Common features:
Remote switch offYes, manually and automatically
Frequency monitoringYes
Radio rangeup to 800 m
Coverage area2,000,000 m²
USB InterfaceYes
Indicatormulticolor LED
Radio modulesfully integrated, USA or EU
Communicationbi-directional, 999 devices
Dimensions without antenna54 x 102 x 45 mm
Net weight140 g
RequiresPYROTEC Composer
Operating systemsWin 2000, ME, XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11