• Extremely miniaturized Advanced technology
  • High-contrast display and menu navigation in plain text
  • All outputs individually programmable
  • Measurement and display of the exact resistance values of all outputs
  • Bi-directional remote data request and programming
  • Innovative and pluggable terminal block enables extremely fast preparation
  • Long operating time and sleep mode available
  • Each of the five outputs has its own firing capacitor
  • Multicolor LEDs for all outputs indicate various information
  • Integrated, high-brightness firing LEDs on each output for fast testing
  • Numerous special functions for applications in the SFX area

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Additional Information

The PFE Advanced Mini 5 Outputs is the newest receiver of the Advanced series. Thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for SFX and stage pyrotechnics.

The five outputs of the PFE Advanced Mini 5 can be individually programmed directly on the device and optionally stepped. Of course, the PFE Advanced Mini 5 can also be programmed directly by radio from the PFC Advanced.

The internal resistance measurement indicates exactly how high the resistance of the connected e-matches including the igniter cable is. The result can be read either on the device itself or remotely from the PFC Advanced. Based on the resistance values of the connected firing circuits and the set limit resistance, the device automatically determines whether firing is reliably possible and displays this to you.

A new type of connection socket makes working much easier. No tools are required for connecting and disconnecting. To connect the igniter cable, it is simply plugged into the contact mechanism and automatically clamped. To disconnect the cables, simply press the respective button to release the cable. The connection terminal can also be removed completely. This makes the preparation of effects much easier, especially if it is a recurring show or the preparation of numerous props for multiple takes on the set.

The device is operated with two Mignon (AA) cells, which can be alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The operating time is up to approx. 18 hours. Using the optional Sleep mode, the stand-by time can be increased to 23 days.

Each of the five firing outputs has its own capacitor. This means that a short circuit on one output does not affect the firing power of the other outputs.

The device can trigger 3 ‘A’ or 2 ‘U’ e-matches in parallel or series connection on each output.

To increase the firing power, several outputs can also be programmed identically and thus fired simultaneously – without any time delay.

Specifications & Details

Number of radio channels (Frequencies)70 (USA version: 360)
Assignment of firing cues without restrictionsYes, 1-999
Firing voltage20 V
Firing energy, Source of firing energy9 mC, 1 capacitor per output
e-matches in series
connection / output
3 A, 2 U
e-matches in parallel
connection / output
3 A, 2 U
Firing LEDs for each outputYes
Integrated stepping extensionYes, optional, 0.01 – 99 seconds, resolution 10 ms (i.e. 0.01 s)
Max. firing rate100 firings / second
Short circuit protection of outputsYes
Outputs with intelligent MOSFET transistorsYes
OK test function (continuity test of firing lines)Yes, precise resistance metering, ranging from 0 to 99 Ohm, directly at the receiver or remotely by using the PFC Advanced or any PC with PFM Advanced and Composer software
Operation timeAlkaline: up to 18 h, NiMH: up to 12 h
Sleep ModeYes, optional, operation time up to 23 days
Remote polling of the parameters of the deviceYes
Remote programming of the parameters of the deviceYes
Remote power-offYes
Acoustic signalsYes
All parameters are adjustable at the deviceYes
Beginners modeYes
Function: Reset to defaultsYes
Radio range400 m
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99 %
Battery test functionYes, 0-99 %
Battery monitoringYes
Battery type2 x Alkaline / NiMH AA 1,5 V
Independent from mains supplyYes
Housingminiaturized plastic housing
LCD display with LED backlightYes, 2 x 16 characters plaintext
Indicatorsdisplay and multicolor LEDs
Temperature monitoring (internal)Yes
Additional safety featurescode and magnetic pen
Dimensions65 x 23 x 128 mm
Net weight193 g
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Multilingual menuYes: German, English
Radio modulesfully integrated
Communicationbi-directional, 999 devices

Product Views

Product Information

1 SMA antenna
2 AA Alkaline batteries

Software- & Hardware Extensions
Stepper extension
Sleep Mode

PYROTEC Composer – Choreography Software
PFM Advanced – Wireless USB Modem

Transportation Boxes
ZARGES-Box Type 6

Compatible Devices