DMX Interface

This DMX interface is used to easily control effect devices with a DMX-512 input with a PFE Advanced receiver and to integrate these devices in the system. Typical applications are the control of smoke machines and flame projectors.

It is required that the receiver is equipped with the Terminal function. This enables the user to program several firing cues to each output and to determine the duration how long the outputs should be active.

The interface comes with a safety input and five control inputs and is powered from the receiver. In general the safety input is used for the power supply. As soon as voltage is present on the safety input a DMX signal is being generated with DMX channel 1 on 100%. The inputs 1-5 are translated to the DMX channels 2-6 (0% or 100%).

Even though DMX is considered to be an unsafe protocol (no checksums or other safety measures are implemented) the usage of this interface is rather safe, because the DMX signal is only generated if the interface is powered from the receiver’s output.

Safety channelYes
Control channels5 + Safety
Connectors on the inputs4 mm banana plugs, fit in on every PFE Advanced receiver
OutputXLR, 5 pole
Control time with terminal function0.1 s to 25.0 s, Continuously On

Customer-specific solutions like e.g. different channel assignments are easily possible.

Interface with isolated switching outputs:

(Low Voltage Switching Interface)

This interface has two channels and it can be used whenever a device to be controlled requires a potential-free electrical contact. The outputs are optically isolated from the inputs.

The typical application for this interface is the control of film and photo cameras, high speed cameras and also smoke machines or all kinds of effect devices.

Normally it is used together with a receiver PFE Advanced 10 Outputs with Terminal function so that the duration how long the contacts will be closed can be programmed in the receiver’s menu. In addition several cues can be programmed to each output of the receiver.

Maximum switching current1 A
Maximum switching voltage30 V
Maximum isolation voltage1,000 V

Switching Interface for 230 Volts AC:

By connecting this interface to a receiver PFE Profi 3/10 Outputs or PFE Advanced 10/20 Outputs all kinds of devices that are powered with 230V mains supply can be controlled, i.e. switched on and off. This interface acts like a switch in the power cable.

Especially the usage of an Advanced receiver is meaningful together with the Terminal function, because this way several firing cues can be programmed to each output and in addition the duration how long the output should be active can be determined.

Typical applications are the control of wind machines, electromagnetic valves, electric motors and effect devices of all kinds.

Switching outputs1
Connection'Schuko' connector
Switching voltage220 VAC - 250 VAC
Switching current16 A continuously
Switching power3,680 W
Control voltage10 VDC - 28 VDC
Connection of the control cable4 mm banana plugs,
suitable for all PFE Profi and PFE Advanced receivers
PFE Profi 3 / 10 Outputs Yes
Activation time:0.5 s and 2.6 s
PFE Advanced 10/20 OutputsYes
Activation time:2.6 s 
Activation time with terminal function:0.1 s to 25.0 s, Continuously On

Customized solutions with different kinds of connectors are available upon request.

Interface with ‘0-10 Volt’ output:

This interface is build upon customer request. It is intended to control effect devices that have an input for 0-10 Volt signals. It is available as an optional accessory part for the receiver PFE Advanced 10 or 20 Outputs.

To activate an effect device several times with different firing cues and for different durations it is required that the receiver has been equipped with the optional terminal function.

Photo Interface

This interface can be used to control all common digital SLR cameras. Depending on the camera model, this interface is provided with the appropriate connector on the output side. Therefore, please specify which camera is to be controlled when ordering.

The Photo Interface is designed for operation with the PFE Advanced 10/100 Outputs in 10-Output mode.

This interface has two channels and takes over the function of the two trigger points of the manual shutter release. The first channel gives the signal for focusing and the second channel releases the shutter. Therefore, the application is ideal together with the Terminal function of the firing module.

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