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The Galaxis G-Flame is a new and very versatile flame projector that offers a number of interesting features. It can be used for indoor, outdoor and special effect applications.

Compared with other systems on the market the G-Flame generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a much nicer overall appearance. The noise level of the G-Flame is very low making it ideal for Stage and TV. The flame stops rapidly after closing the valves

Application fieldsIndoor, Outdoor and SFX
Autarkic operationYes, with wireless option or wireless DMX
Fuels- LPG propane/butane gas in bottles with 5/11/33 kg**
- 1 or 2 gas cartridges bottles with 600 ml*
- 1 or 2 aerosol cartridges with 500 ml*
Fuel cartridges integrated in the deviceYes, hidden under the cover sheet of the housing and not visible from outside
Flame heightapprox. 2.5 to 8.0 m depending on operation mode and nozzle
Adjustable flame heightYes, with nozzle size*,
fuel pressure regulator** or shut-off valves*
IgnitionElectrical high power arc
Two magnetic valves for double safetyYes, installed in series
MicrofilterYes, largely prevents that foreign particles enter the system which could cause leakages of the valves
Flame monitoringYes, by measuring the ionization, user can disable this function
Quick couplersYes
Connectors for gas cartridgesYes, 2 pc.*
Fuel shut-off valves for cartridgesYes, 2 pc.*
Non-return valvesYes, 2 pc.*
Tilt sensorYes, 45°, user can disable this function
Control inputs- Wireless control option together with PFC Advanced (Wireless and RS485)
- external key or any other potential free contact
- 12-24V voltage input e.g. for PFE Advanced with Terminal function
- DMX512: Control and safety channel
Emergency off inputYes, XLR 3-pole
Free assignment of DMX channelsYes, control and safety channel can be freely assigned
Integrated power supply for wireless DMX devicesYes
DisplayLCD, 2 lines with 16 characters each
Display backlightYes
Menu navigation, languagesYes: German / English
Optical warning signal if armedYes
Power supplyHigh capacity rechargeable battery:
12 V, 7 Ah
Charging voltage and current18 V DC, max. 400 mA
Battery test functionsYes,
Charging level 0...99%,
Power 0...99%,
both in increments of 5%
Battery capacity meteringYes, in mAh and %
Operation time60 h continuous stand-by; permanent operation is possible if the device is being charged all the time
Included in deliveryCharging unit, Magnetic pen, */**
Available accessoriesa) Cartridge Option*:
Twin cartridge holder with 2 shut-off valves and 2 non-return valves, one nozzle for gas cartridge usage for an effect height of 3 m to 5 m (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
b) Gas Bottle Option**:
Gas hose with adjustable fuel pressure regulator (range: 1–4 bar), nozzle for gas bottle usage, maximum effect height 3.5 m (gasiform phase), 6.5 m (liquefied phase)
c) Advanced Wireless Module
Prepared for the fast and easy mounting on truss elementsYes, 3-point and 4-point (300 mm), including safety eye
Prepared for the mounting on light and speaker standsYes
HousingAluminum with durable powder
coating in matte black color
Moisture protected electronic circuitsYes
Usage in heavy rainfall possibleYes
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Dimensions300 x 300 x 350 mm
Net weight10.50 kg

*Cartridge Option, available for extra charge.
**Gas Bottle Option, available for extra charge.
One of these options is included.

Features if wireless option is used together with Controller PFC Advanced or USB wireless modem PFM Advanced:

Number of radio channels (Frequencies)70 (USA version: 360)
User selectable radio channelsYes
Flame duration programmable for each firing cueYes, in the range of 0.1 to 25.0 s
Atomic Effect (Ignition delay)Yes, in the range of 0.1 to 0.7 s
Step functionYes, in the range of 0.01 to 99.99 s
Bi-directional featuresRemote checks of:
- Battery charging level and battery power in percent, device being charged Yes/No
- Number of deep discharges
- Tilt switch on/off
- Status of the tilt switch
- Flame monitoring on/off
- Hazard zone and its status
- Range test results in percent
- Interfering signal strength in percent
- Radio interference
Remote programming of:
- Firing cues, delays, Atomic Effect
- Hazard Zones
- Radio frequency
Radio rangeup to 800 m / 2,000 m
Coverage area2,000,000 m² / 12,500,000 m²
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99%
Wireless option fully integrated in the housingYes
Communicationbi-directional, 999 devices
ModulationFM narrow band
Modulation bandwidthmax. +/- 3 kHz
CodingPCM with Manchester Coding
Checksum40 Bit CRC
Receiver technologyDouble superheterodyne
Receiver sensitivity-119 dBm @ 12 dB SINAD
Blocking of signals on other frequencies1st mixer stage: 80 dB, 2nd mixer stage: 60 dB
Command: Firing Mode OffYes
Cable control via PFC AdvancedYes, RS485

The most important advantages:

  • Versatile usage due to various control inputs
  • No mains supply required
  • Can be used outdoors also in heavy rainfall
  • Either aerosol or gas cartridges or gas bottles can be used as fuel supply
  • The gas cartridges are fully integrated in the housing and are well protected
  • Cartridge holder comes with non-return valves
  • All components are equipped with quick couplers for an extremely fast setup
  • Completely autarkic operation if the optional Advanced Wireless Module or wireless DMX receivers are used
  • Equipped with a microfilter to prevent leakages in the electromagnetic valves
  • Contains two electromagnetic valves connected in series for additional safety
  • Electronic flame monitoring system utilizing ionization measurement
  • Tilt sensor installed
  • Bi-directional communication with the controller PFC Advanced or the wireless USB modem PFM Advanced for remote programming and remote checks
  • Prepared for the fast installation on light or speaker stands and truss elements
  • Backlit character display and convenient menu-driven operation
  • Optical warning signal if the device is armed
  • Atomic effect programmable
  • Flame extinguishes rapidly after closing the electromagnetic valves, also if cartridges are being used, enabling fast step sequences

Features of the flame projector G-Flame

The device offers many different control methods and besides cable control via DMX512 also wireless DMX receivers can be powered from the XLR jack. Consequently no power adaptor or batteries are required for the DMX receivers.

All components are integrated in a very robust, powder coated aluminum housing.

A rechargeable battery with high capacity supplies enough power for an operation time of up to 60 h, completely independent from mains supply. In addition it has enough resources to reliably deliver the energy for the powerful high voltage ignition and the electromagnetic valves. The device is fully equipped with several battery test functions.

The operation of the device is very simple. All necessary parameters can be conveniently programmed as the device comes with an illuminated display and menu.

Low priced LPG propane/butane gas from standard 5, 11 or 33 kg bottles can be used as a fuel when connected to the system using a gas hose.

Alternatively cartridges with liquefied gas or aerosol can be used. By opening a cover at the rear of the device these cartridges can be installed, both the cartridges and cartridge holder are safely contained within the unit and are not visible from the outside. This option includes receptacles for two cartridges and two non-return valves to prevent fuel leakage in the event of a shut-off valve being accidentally left open. The cartridge option is ideal for stage applications, we would like to point out that many of our customers are also using the cartridge option outdoors because of the fast and convenient setup or if an autarkic operation is demanded.

Autarkic operation means that no cables or devices for control or power supply, no additional control units connected by cables, no gas hoses and no gas bottles are necessary. Thereby the device can be installed extremely fast and can be used on moving objects. The G-Flame is completely autarkic if cartridges are being used and if the device is either controlled by the Advanced Wireless Module or wireless DMX receivers.

Trouble-free outdoor usage is possible even in heavy rainfall.

The device is equipped with a microfilter which extensively ensures that no sand, dust or any other foreign particles can enter the electromagnetic valve. This way leakages of the valve can be prevented.

Two electromagnetic valves installed in series are providing additional safety.

A warning LED in the shape of an exclamation mark is informing e.g. actors on the stage that the device is armed and flame effects can be generated anytime.

The device is equipped with a tilt sensor. If the tilt angle exceeds 45° the fuel supply is terminated for the reasons of safety. This function can be disabled in the menu if it is desired to operate the device with a tilt angle of more than 45°. This way the G-Flame can fire in all directions, even upside down. If cartridges are being used an adaptor is necessary if the tilt angle is more than 70° to ensure that the fuel is still drawn in the liquefied phase from the cartridges.

An electronic flame monitoring system has been implemented which is measuring the ionization and is shutting off the fuel supply within one second if no flame has been detected. The flame monitoring can be switched off in the menu.

With every type of control input, different flame durations can be used for each ignition, e.g. to generate short and nice flame balls or long and extremely high flame columns as well.

In DMX512 mode both, the control channel and the safety channel, can be freely chosen. This enables the user to program several G-Flame units with individual control channels and a common safety channel.

The device, the cartridge holder and the gas hose is equipped with quick couplers for a very fast system set-up.

The device is equipped with an adaptor for the direct and fast mounting on light or speaker stands. In addition cage nuts are integrated in order to screw on half cone connectors for the easy mounting on 3- and 4-point truss elements.

The flame height can be determined by different nozzle sizes if cartridges are being used. With gas bottles the flame height can be adjusted by the output pressure of the pressure regulator.

The flame extinguishes rapidly after the electromagnetic valves are closed even if the liquefied phase from the gas cartridges is being used. Due to that very fast step sequences are possible also in this case.

A holder for up to four nozzles is integrated in the device.

If the Advanced Wireless Module is being used the so called Atomic Effect can be programmed. Here the fuel is set free and the ignition is delayed for a specific period of time that can be programmed. This creates a nice swirl in the flame.

If the Advanced Wireless Module is installed extremely fast step sequences can be programmed in the range of 0.01 to 99.00 seconds with a resolution of 10 ms (1/100 s).

The G-Flame becomes a bi-directional flame effect device if the Advanced Wireless Module is installed with lots of features that ease the practical work and offer many advantages (see table). Then the device can communicate with the controller PFC Advanced or with any PC by using the Wireless USB Modem.

The radio modules in all Galaxis products are using narrow bandwidth communication. Due to that and because of excellent blocking of other radio signals on other frequencies the devices operate very reliable even under difficult conditions e.g. if many other wireless applications are operated in close proximity. The high receiving sensitivity enables communication over long distances.

In case that the selected radio channel is occupied the user can easily choose another one which is free. Numerous radio channels are available.

Product Views

Product Information

Indoor option for G-Flame incl. connector for gas cartridges, size XXL
Outdoor option for G-Flame incl. 5 m gas hose, with pressure regulator and nozzle
PFC Advanced
PFC Advanced – Black Edition
Antenna extension cable
Flamebar 2m
Flamebar 8-edge
Adaptor for liquid phase gasiform
Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size S
Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size M
Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size L
Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size XL
Nozzle for operation with gas cartridges, size XXL
Nozzle for operation with gas bottles, gas phase
Nozzle for operation with gas bottles, liquid phase
Gas cartridges for G-Flame

Compatible Devices

Bi-directional system
PFC Advanced
PFC Advanced – Black Edition
PFM Advanced – Wireless USB Modem

Uni-directional system
PFS Profi


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