• Inaccurate starting of the firing system and playback device by simultaneous keystrokes is no longer necessary.
  • The PFE Profi Audio plays the music with absolute precision.
  • The PFE Profi Audio uses an insensitive flash card as storage medium.
  • Positioning of any number of devices exactly where the audio signals are needed.
  • With the built-in delay function, the audio signal can be perfectly adapted to different sound propagation times.
  • The device saves cable runs and thus enables a better sound quality. The music is never transmitted via radio, only the start signal.
  • Start several PFE Profi Audio synchronously to play more than two audio tracks. If necessary, e.g. surround sound can be realized.
  • Playing Timecode signals instead of music to synchronize other devices or systems with your pyrotechnics is also possible by using one stereo channel for the music in mono and the other for Timecode.
  • Free PC software ”Project Maker” for creating the playback file available.
  • Multitrack support for up to 10 audio files.

More detailed information can be found in the current product catalogue below.

Additional Information

By this innovative product, stereo audio signals of first-class quality are provided absolutely synchronously to your show. It is, in other words, a kind of ‘radio-controlled CD player’ only that this does not lead to time errors (asynchrony) unlike many common playback devices.

The PFE Profi Audio works completely without any data compression and provides the sound quality of a real CD. When using conventional data compression techniques like the well-known MP3, losses in sound quality occur which are recognized not only by music freaks. That is why MP3 is unsuitable for professional artists and expert technicians.

The music source is a WAV file (an audio data file in the wave format) on your computer. If you want to copy the tracks of a CD as a WAV file to your computer, there are a lot of specific programs for doing so. The software ‘Project Maker’ is available free of charge in the download section on our website. This software enables you to transform the WAV file into a file playable by the device. Afterwards this file can be copied by a card drive to the flash card. Finally insert this card into the slot of the PFE Profi Audio.

The major advantage of the CF card is that it is insensitive to shocks, dust, scratches, cold, heat and condensation.

For starting the playback you simply program a channel, preferably channel 1, in the menu of the device. As soon as you start your automatic script at the controller, the device starts the music regardless if the script has been made conventionally or with the Composer. In addition you have the opportunity of programming a test channel for a sound check. To start the test you simply fire this channel. At the end of the sound check quit the firing mode and the device will stop.

Specifications & Details

Assignment of firing cues without restrictionsYes, 1-999
Soundcheck channel freely assignableYes, 1-999
Multitrack supportYes, up to 10 audio files
Output datamusic, Timecode
Output qualityCD quality (no MP3)
Sampling16 Bit PCM stereo,
44,100 Hz
Time tolerance+/- 0.003 %
Distortion at the Line-Out at full modulation0.008 %
Frequency Response Line-Out20-20,000 Hz +/- 0.5 dB
Control methodsradio, manual
Output 1Line Out (XLR)
Output 2Line Out (Chinch / RCA)
Output 3Loudspeaker R and L (3.5 mm Connector)
Output 4Headphone (3.5 mm Connector)
Storage medium (interchangeable)Compact Flash®
Music play time512 MB card = 50 minutes of music
Delay function to eliminate acoustic delaysYes
Negative delay values possible (time shift in the left direction on the timeline)Yes
Delay range-999 m to +999 m
Operation time14 h
Acoustics signalsYes
All parameters are adjustable at the deviceYes
Radio rangeup to 800 m / 2,000 m
Coverage area2,000,000 m² / 12,500,000 m²
Radio range test functionYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator test functionYes, 0-99 %
Accumulator monitoringYes
Accumulator typesealed lead acid battery 12 V, 2 Ah
Independent from mains supplyYes
Housingvery robust aluminium housing
LCD display with LED backlightYes, 2 x 12 characters plaintext
Indicatorsdisplay and LEDs red / green
Charging unit (included in delivery)Yes
Additional safety featureskey switch and magnetic pen
Dimensions103 x 74 x 210 mm
Net weight1,400 g
Possibility of firmware updatesYes
Multilingual menuGerman and English
Radio modulesfully integrated

Product Views

Product Information

1 charging unit
2 keys
1 standard antenna
1 stereo headphone
1 Compact Flash® card

PYROTEC Composer – Choreography-Software
Multi-charging unit (up to 10 dev.)
Antenna extension cable
Compact Flash® card 512 MB / 1 GB
USB Card-Reader & -Writer

Transportation Boxes
ZARGES-Box Type 1
ZARGES-Box Type 2
ZARGES-Box Type 3

Compatible Devices

Bi-directional System
PFC Advanced
PFC Advanced – Black Edition

Uni-directional System
PFS Pocket