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Basically the Power Pack is a switching amplifier with one input and one output. It is used in order to utilize a firing module with capacitor buffered outputs for the triggering of effects that need a longer DC firing pulse such as confetti shooters – the ones with the heating filament – or magnetic valves. Capacitor buffered outputs provide only a short firing pulse. This firing pulse is prolonged to several seconds by the Power Pack. Eight AA alkaline batteries are used to power the device. The output voltage is approx. 12 V. The receiver PFE Profi Midi 1 Output can be used in conjunction with the Power Pack and it even slides in perfectly. In this case, the output stays active for approx. 3.5 seconds. In addition, other firing modules of other manufacturers can be connected instead if approved by Galaxis Showtechnik GmbH. Please note that the duration of the output pulse may be different depending on the equipment that provides the control signal. The output of the Power Pack is protected against short circuit and overcurrent.

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2 Quick-fastening clamps
8 AA Alkaline batteries

Compatible Devices

Uni-directional System
PFE Profi Midi 1