Upgrade Details

With this upgrade, two microcontrollers in the device are exchanged for a more powerful version with more program memory. This makes the following new features possible:

Feature: Support of larger CF cards (up to 16 GB, certain brands up to 32 GB), support of FAT32 in addition to FAT16.
Feature: Multitrack support. Up to now it was possible to store only one GPF file on the card. Now up to nine different GPF files are supported. Each GPF file can be assigned a firing channel.
Feature: Hardware checks at power-up (memory check, data integrity checks), with corresponding error messages in the display.
Feature: After every 50th power-on of the device, a memory maintenance is initiated. This ensures even higher data integrity over the lifetime of the device.
Feature: Bilingual menu (German and English) implemented, adjustable in the menu.
Feature: Radio field strength calibration implemented. This increases the accuracy of the radio range metering and compensates for component tolerances. The radio module is factory calibrated. However, calibration can be performed by the user on site during a firmware update. If calibration is necessary, this is indicated each time the device is started. Once calibration has been performed, it can be repeated at any time by pressing Mode when powering up the device.
Feature: Resetting of the AF (battery error) counter is possible directly on the device. The user can define an individual code that must be entered if the AF counter is to be reset. Can be accessed in the “Change AF Reset Code?” submenu. As soon as a battery error occurs, a new menu item with the wording “AF-Reset?” appears at the end of the submenu. If the user forgets the code, it can be reset to the default code with a master code.
Optimization: Umlaut support in GPF project names implemented. If the project name in the GPF file contains umlauts, these are now also correctly displayed on the LCD.

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