Various news and important information


No price increase in 2024 for the normal product range

We can keep our prices stable for all items in the normal range this year. Only a few spare parts prices as well as the working time for repairs and maintenance will have to be increased slightly.


Delivery times

Numerous large orders have been delivered recently or will be delivered soon. Firing systems were less affected by the supply shortages anyway. The delivery times for L-Flames and G-Flames have also been significantly reduced and will soon be normal again.


New catalog available

There is a new product catalog and the printed version was distributed for the first time at this year’s Prolight+Sound. You can access the online version here. If you wish, we can also send you printed copies.


New products on the homepage

All new items and all articles that have found their way into the printed catalog for the first time have also been added to the homepage. The new articles have been marked with “New” or “New on the website” in the product overviews so that you do not miss anything.


QR code on the devices

From now on, a small QR code will be attached to all newly produced devices. Scanning this with a smartphone will take you to a new section of our website where you can quickly access all operating manuals.


Splitter Box for PFC Advanced BE

With our Splitter Box, it is possible to charge the PFC Advanced Black Edition controller and simultaneously feed in DMX-512 or use Galaxis devices via cable interface.

You can view the Splitter Box here.


Multi-charger for up to ten devices

For some time now, there have been Multi-chargers for our devices that can charge up to ten devices simultaneously. These products are now also listed on our homepage.

This always requires a specific Multi-charger power supply unit that is capable of supplying ten devices.

This variant of the Multi-charger is used to charge the G-Flames and devices from the Profi series and has 2.1 mm plugs.

Another version of the Multi-charger for devices in the Advanced series is also available. The high-quality Lemo plugs are used here.


8-way and 16-way Emergency Off Splitter and Emergency Stop Switch for G-Flame and L-Flame

Whenever several flame effect devices are used, the need quickly arises for a solution to control all devices with a single emergency stop switch.

Our Emergency Off Splitters are available for this purpose and are now also described on the homepage. Suitable emergency stop switches are also available.


Hybrid Cable Adapter for G-Flame

Clicking on this link will take you to the section on our website where this new accessory is described in more detail.


Flame Bars for the G-Flame

Our flame bars have been an integral part of our range for some time now. There are two versions: straight with a length of 2 m and octagonal.

The straight version has been improved: there is now a screw connection in the middle. This means that the flame bar can be dismantled, making transportation much easier and reducing the risk of damage during transport.

Here you can find out all about these accessories and see which flame patterns can be created.


Service life of gas hoses and pressure reducers

According to the regulations of the German employers’ liability insurance association, the maximum service life of gas hoses and pressure reducers is eight years. After this time, these components must be replaced. Even if you do not use the appliances in Germany, we recommend that these replacement intervals are observed.


Maintenance and leak testing of cartridge bridges

We would like to point out that when servicing G-Flames, all cartridge bridges should also be sent in. This includes the bridges of the power upgrades. This is the only way to ensure that the maintenance and leak test can be carried out completely.