G-Flame Redesign

The G-Flame has been redesigned.

Here are the most important new features:

  • Omission of the mechanical on/off switch and replacement by a magnetic field sensor for the magnetic pen. This prevents malfunctions as no mechanical parts are involved anymore.
  • Battery saver is now supported. Due to the omission of the mechanical on/off switch, it is now possible to switch off the unit by software if the battery charging level becomes critical. The battery is protected against deep discharges by doing so.
  • Sleep Mode support. As with the various PFE Advanced, the G-Flame now also supports the optional Sleep Mode, which can be activated for an extra charge.
  • Adjustable switch-on behaviour when closing the emergency stop contact of the emergency stop switch. In the configuration menu, you can choose between two modes:
    1. When the emergency stop contact is closed, the G-Flame should power-up.
    2. When the emergency stop contact is closed, the G-Flame should not switch on, i.e. remain switched off.

By default, the G-Flame does not power-on when the emergency stop contact closes.

  • Internal temperature measurement. If the internal temperature exceeds 70°C, an active flame generation is terminated or is not started at all and a warning message appears in the display.
  • Monitoring of both solenoid valves by cross comparison. The microcontrollers in the G-Flame check each other whether the respective magnetic valves are supplied. If a defect is detected, flame generation stops immediately and an error is shown on the display.
  • Innovative tilt measurement without electro-mechanical tilt switches. In this case acceleration sensors are used to determine the direction of the weight force and the tilt angle is derived from this.
  • Very selective optical flame sensor instead of ionization measurement
  • Error Memory

Here you can access a document that describes all the new features in more detail and explains the individual menu items.


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